Mar. 15th, 2014

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A few people asked if I could convert Tig's alpha tunic for the teen BBv2


 photo CynnixtmBBv2TigAlphaTunicBoots_zpsed37fdd0.png
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I've been meaning to get these finished up for a while but RL has a way of intruding on my simming.

I converted Tig's alpha tunic with boots for Marvine's BBG, my RGv2, Warlokk's Faerie Gal and the maxis shape. There are adult and teen meshes included, all have pregmorphs. There's only one texture. I want to get everything shared before life happens again ;)

I have Warlokk's CPU in the screenshot but I need to make some adjustments on the waist. In some cases it's really hard to stay true to the shape and have the clothing look like clothing rather than body paint. CPU is one of those.

 photo CynnixTigsTunicfortheLadies_zps2e41d66a.png




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All ages female to male MYOS14-Binned and Familied-Maxis Match. I fixed the bone assignments on the female mesh so it moves more smoothly and scaled down the toddler size quite a bit. I'm attaching the fixed female mesh as well. Delete the older, I added FIXED to the end of the file.

I'm not sure who did the original texture, the files weren't labeled. If anybody recognizes them please let me know :)

 photo Myos14toddlermale_zps19e4af36.png

FIXED Female Mesh

FtoM Myos 14-All Ages
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 photo WIP-Cynnix-CPU-k8rengown_zpsf49b4c2b.png

Just proving a point. I own Poser 7 and it IS possible to use Warlokk's magnets to convert a mesh to a bodyshape and smooth it out in milkshape making it look like a gown made of fabric rather than body paint. The magnets were made for nude bodies, it takes a lot of work to remove the boob crease and get the dress to look like a dress again.
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Working on a shape in between EAxis and Buxom Wench. I have most of the meshes done for both of them, I just need to decide if using a skintone that uses full body meshes is the way to go to save space, and which skins to use.

 photo WIP-Cynnixbodyshapeeldertest_zps7017bccc.jpg

 photo WIP-Cynnixbodyshapeelder-sleep-undies_zpsd78b8a16.png


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