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I've been meaning to get these finished up for a while but RL has a way of intruding on my simming.

I converted Tig's alpha tunic with boots for Marvine's BBG, my RGv2, Warlokk's Faerie Gal and the maxis shape. There are adult and teen meshes included, all have pregmorphs. There's only one texture. I want to get everything shared before life happens again ;)

I have Warlokk's CPU in the screenshot but I need to make some adjustments on the waist. In some cases it's really hard to stay true to the shape and have the clothing look like clothing rather than body paint. CPU is one of those.

 photo CynnixTigsTunicfortheLadies_zps2e41d66a.png





Date: 2014-03-17 12:26 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] dinuriel
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Eeeee! I wasn't sure if there would ever be an Eaxis female version of this tunic! I've been using your androgyny one and I love it for undercover and exercise purposes, but I will be able to get even more use out of a version without the bound breasts, especially now that I have a female Sim who would prefer wearing tunics all the time. Thanks, Cynnix! I shall make a copious amount of recolors at some point. :D

Date: 2014-03-19 02:04 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] nailtek
nailtek: ([Morrowind] Sotha Sil)
OMG I can't believe I missed this, you converted it for BBG!!! I've been wanting even just one medieval mesh for that shape for quite some time. (athletic girl isn't really muscular enough for my use, and I can count the number of BBG meshes that exist on one hand - none of which are really useful for historical content)
I'm going to have to go copy and paste a ton of textures onto this at some point, now...
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