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I've been meaning to get these finished up for a while but RL has a way of intruding on my simming.

I converted Tig's alpha tunic with boots for Marvine's BBG, my RGv2, Warlokk's Faerie Gal and the maxis shape. There are adult and teen meshes included, all have pregmorphs. There's only one texture. I want to get everything shared before life happens again ;)

I have Warlokk's CPU in the screenshot but I need to make some adjustments on the waist. In some cases it's really hard to stay true to the shape and have the clothing look like clothing rather than body paint. CPU is one of those.

 photo CynnixTigsTunicfortheLadies_zps2e41d66a.png




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A few people asked if I could convert Tig's alpha tunic for the teen BBv2


 photo CynnixtmBBv2TigAlphaTunicBoots_zpsed37fdd0.png
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This is a starter set of medieval clothing for the Marvine/Jasumi Runner shape. There are five outfits for teen to elder with fat and preg morphs. I converted my edit of Amaryll's strappy dress and Heget's perfect tunic with block and sexy feet. I also made a full body block foot and a full body sexy feet mesh with the smoothed bottom for braies and chausses. I didn't make new textures, those are Hat's, Io's, Heget's and AAS.

Runner Medieval Garb

 photo CynnixRunnerMedievalGarbpart1_zps6e83d748.png
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I converted these four times and "lost" the files. Fifth time and I'm finally sharing them now so I don't misplace the files again ;)

CM Heget's Perfect Tunics

 photo CynnixcmconversionHegetPerfectTunicSF_zpsa3686a78.png

 photo CynnixcmconversionHegetPerfectTunic_zps01fe0dea.png
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I'm converting the "Castle Cook" and "Baker's Wife" meshes from the Tutor of Tudors set.
Sims 3 meshes have no "shoes". If you play a fantasy style game and don't care that they aren't historically accurate, which TS2/TS3 shoes would you like on the male mesh? I will be sharing a barefoot version with block feet and sexy feet as well.

 photo CynnixamBodyTudorBaker-TheCastleCook_zpsc2ed9ee1.png
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I'm working on my anniversary gift for the Keep shhhhh )


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